Picture Perfect
Whether you’re an independent photographer or an international agency, we specialise in tweaking your images, whatever the medium – advertising, artistic, editorial, promotional or magazines – to make them picture perfect.
And, though we say it ourselves, we’re damn good at it.
Combining high-end retouching, composing and color grading, we aim for optimal creative results, all the while listening to your needs, adding our experience-based advice, technical expertise and ‘ooh mamma’ flair to every project.
Having thoroughly assessed your requirements, stripping down to the nuance of your brief and establishing your specific aims and goals, we’ll help you create coherency, consistency and crystal clarity for the final imagery.
And, should you want your cake icing, added ‘woof’, we also provide state-of-the-art CGI knowhow. Our CGI whisperers – magicians, basically – can conjure up all manner of mind-blowing wizardry far beyond what’s achievable with traditional photography, all closely managed to ensure the results are credible, within the bounds of photographic reality: The sky’s essentially no longer the limit.
We solve problems and are proud of our almost OCD attention to detail. But don’t take our word for it; check out the examples on this website.
We can work from our studio or on location, wherever you want us.

Total Eclipse
Eclipse was founded by Patrick Bras in 2007. After years working in graphic design and photography, Patrick discovered creative retouching through his fascination at how the stunning images he saw in magazines and photography books were created. Fascination turned into passion, a passion he’s been happily fuelling in Amsterdam, Barcelona and Madrid for over 15 years.